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Placement Reports

Placement is an important activity of any educational institute as the students aspire to secure “a good job” after they graduate. We at CII School of Logistic are proud to say that we have successfully placed 5batches of student with 100% resultswith very reputed organisations.

For the current batch of 2022, the placement processes are still going on and as in January 2022, we have achieved around 77% placement with companies like Mckinsey, HUL,DHL, Aetos Digilog, Flipkart, Gati KWE, Parker Hannifin, FM Logistic, Linde being some of our top recruiters. The pay packages offered by these companies have also gone up 60% as compared to the last year average.

Placement Process

Our placement activity begins, not at the end of MBA program but as a part of the admission process itself where the students during the Orientation Program are asked to fill a survey form regarding their aspirations. In the past 5 years, 80% of the registered students opt for seeking a job from the institution. In every semester the training and Placement cell in the school then, arranges various activities for placement. The focus is on building technical,behavioural and digital skills of the students’ right from day one.


Lectures, webinars, seminars by industry professionals who serve as role models and mentors for the young students


CV Writing and Building Workshops


Training workshops with reputed HR professionals for cracking Group Discussions, Aptitude Tests and Personal Interviews


Regular Industry visits to update students regarding the functioning of the industry


Extensive counselling by the faculty members for understanding JDs

Job roles

The logistics sector has been considered to be unskilled for a very long time operated by the unorganised players. However, in the last decade, due to the intense efforts of CII Institute of Logistics, with a mission of providing skilled and industry-ready work-force through their various educational programmes, many companies come to CII School of Logistics for specific job profiles of Management Trainees, Operations Analysts, Supply Chain Analysts and Warehouse Operations.

Job Profiles offered by our Recruiters

Company Support

Many companies from the logistics and FMCG sectors provide us their unconditional support for recruitment of the students.Companies like Gati KWE, Mahindra Logistics, Aetos Digilog, McKinsey, DHL, HUL, FM Logistics, Linde, Aditya Birla, Flipkart etc have been our regular recruiters, coming back every year to test the technical and aptitude skills of the students. They find our course curriculum relevant, competency based and industry-led.

Recruiters to name a few