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About AMITY University

Amity is the leading education group of India with over 1,25,000 students studying across 1000 acres of Hi-tech campus. At Amity we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and sanskars. This is just one of the many reasons given below,   why we are consistently ranked No 1.

Recognitions & Accreditations

The Amity University has been established by an act of State Legislature and recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC) through the Act of State Legislature.

Ranked Top University


Amity has some of the most talented and dedicated thought leaders in the country who come from the best institutions around the world. Not only are they academically and professionally amongst the best, but have high standards of moral and ethical values, so that they can be true role models.Amity Academic Staff College benchmarks with the latest teaching methodologies from around the world to train its faculty.Amity University continuously upgrades the knowledge and skills of the faculty members in various institutions under its umbrella. For this, various Faculty Development programmes are regularly organized viz., Orientation Programmes, Effectiveness Programmes, Domain Refresher Programmes and Specialized Programmes.