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Analytics Workshop 3rd and 4th Sep 2019

The analytics workshop for the batch 2018-20 was conducted in two parts. The first part of the workshop was conducted on 3rd- 4thSeptember 2019 for 2018-20 batch by Mr. Rohan Gupta, business analytics industry expert. The first session helped students to enhance their basic Excel skills and apply in corporate problems. The second workshop was a follow up, conducted to augment fundamental understanding of the Supply Chain Analytics, concepts.

Convocation 2017- 2019

Convocation is a revered ritual in CII School of Logistics, Amity University. This is the beginning of their real lives as they fly out from warmth and comfort of the university.

The second Convocation was held on 7th November 2019 under the presence of The Chauhan family. Students Nikhil Singh and Alok Pandey were awarded Gold Medal and silver medal respectively in MBA Supply Chain Management and Students V Rajesh and Shraddha Nair were awarded Gold medal and Silver medal respectively in MBA logistics by honorable Founder President Dr. Ashok Chauhan and Chancellor Dr. Atul Chauhan.

Convocation for any student is a much-awaited moment in the college life as they get their degrees. At the end of every year, graduating students walk solemnly towards the stage elegantly garbed in their robes and tassels. All students were given degrees in front of their families and friends by Head of the Institution, Mr. A.K. Srivastava and K.V. Mahidhar, Executive Director & Head CII Institute of Logistics.

Freshers party 2018 - 2019

“Bienvenido”, is Spanish for ‘welcome’. The freshers party for the batch of 2018-19 was organised by the second-year batch of CII school of logistics on 5th September 2018 at Amity University.

The freshers party was organised to make the new comers of the school feel part of the CII family. There were dances, songs and games held during the party. The second year students entertained with performances for their juniors. Prof. Sanjay Khanduja also gave amazing dance performance. The fashion show was the most exciting part of the Freshers Party. To win the Mr and Miss Fresher of CII 2018-20, the students had to go through three rounds: the fashion show, followed by the talent show and then ending the competition with a round of question and answers. The title of Mr and Miss Fresher was won by Rajat Mahajan and Harshita Jania respectively. Kandregula Ramanujan and Simran Dhand won the title of Mr and Miss Evening.

Amity Youth Festival

The Amity Youth Fest is the most awaited event for the college. Students from different colleges come and participate in the various events conducted during the three day event. In 2018, the Amity Youth Fest was conducted on 8th, 9th and 10th March.

CII School of Logistics held the event, LOCOMOTION, ‘the art of delivering’. It is a game designed for the effective management of overall Business Function including “Supply Chain processes”. The game induced the participants to formulate Operational Strategies with respect to sourcing of the Raw materials, Tools, Equipment & Consumables, from designated suppliers, to serve the customer, through Order Fulfillment, using tech based automated delivery systems. There were 10 teams of 4 members each participating in this event. These teams were representing the different departments of Amity and other colleges.

The students of CII also conducted other events and games such as Photography Competition, Bouquet Making, Game of Chance, etc.

The students of CII also participated in the Fashion Show and other events conducted by the different departments of University.

International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership

The International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership was a 3 day event where they spoke about entrepreneurship challenges and the strategies in logistics and supply chain industries.

The whole session started around 10:00 and went till 11:30. The panel members were dignitaries from the logistics and supply chain field like Mr. Sunil Kumar, Director of IoT and SCM Cloud Applications, Oracle; Mr. Vallinayagam T, Consulting Faculty in CII Institute of Logistics, Capt. Jatin Sharma, Head of Strategy, Aetos Growth Partners LLP; Ms. Noopur Agarwal , AVP – Analytics solution, Genpact India; Ms. Seema Kapur, General Manager in Export Logistics, JubiliantLifescience Ltd. The Session Chairman was Mr Mansingh Jaswal, Director and CEO, Genex Logistics.

The knowledge gained in the conference helped the students to showcase their innovations to prominent companies in the field of logistics and supply chain like Delivery, Ekart, Blackbuck, Rivigo etc.

Orientation Programme

The orientation programme of CII School of Logistics, Amity University for the batch 2019-2021 was a three day event. It was from 17th July 2019 to 19th July 2019.

On the first day (17th July 2019), the students had an interaction with the Head of Institution, Mr. A. K. Srivastava and there was an auspicious welcome of the students with a havan. Alongside there was a orientation programme for the parents.

On the second day (18th July 2019), the students had a welcome address by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and later had an Online Proficiency Test.On the third day (19th July 2019), the students attended guest lectures by Mr. Gagan Chaturvedi of G Trans Logistics and Dr. Jaideep Kumar Sharma and lectures by the alumni. After that there was ice breaking session for the students so that they get comfortable with their classmates.

The three day event helped the students to know their classmates, faculties and the department properly and get comfortable with everyone.

Farewell Party

Every end is a new beginning, and every beginning starts with a wonderful end. Every year, we, at CII School of Logistics, celebrate Farewell Party with great joy and ambivalence. Farewell is an expression of good wishes from the school and the students to the passing out students.

Farewell party was organized on 25th April 2019 to the passing out students with exciting games and mesmerizing cultural performances. Every student was given funny and interesting titles like lazy bee, chatter box, swagger and so on by their juniors.

The first year students impressed and entertained the faculty and the second year students with their dance performances, skits and fashion show. Students including juniors and seniors shared memorable moments with each other.

Senior students made everyone emotional by sharing their memorable journey with the school with their speech.

Talk Series

The Talk Series is an event which is organized by CII School of Logistics, Amity University to provide the students an opportunity to showcase their skills in the area of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. They present their ideas to the audience present.

The talk series takes place for 3 months. The talk series takes place is the 3rd semester. There are 2 rounds to each event, the first round is judged by the faculties of CII School of Logistics and then after 10 days the second round takes place where there are external judges.

The talk series that took place in August 2018, had 15 participants who had participated to show their innovations and there were 5 participants who were selected for the final round. The finalist were – Nishant Sagar , Rohit Sanjar, Jaya Murugan, Karan Bhutyani, Abhinav Ghosh. The winners of this event were Jaya Murugan and Abhinav Ghosh. The judges of the event were -Mr. Pradeep Singal who is the AITWA President and Managing Director of GIR Logistics and Mr Subhabrata Sengupta who is the Vice President of Avalon Consulting.