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Chairman’s Message

Mr. R Dinesh


CII Institute of Logistics

The CII School of Logistics, Amity University is a big step forward for higher education in India. We believe by setting an example, we can change the way higher education is delivered. Shifting towards an industry integrated approach is the need of the hour and by doing it effectively; it will set the process rolling.

This collaboration with Amity University brings together India’s best research university and an organization which has played a proactive part in India’s development. There will be unmatched access to the industry and real-time research studies. Doing it effectively will help the industry – institution partnership deliver a great value to all stakeholders.

We will provide access to industry leaders as well as enable them share their learnings and their experience in a regular manner. We believe that eager minds being exposed to the best practices and also practical assimilation of the knowledge will result in creating the ideal environment for the industry leaders of tomorrow to emerge and will help give a perfect launch pad for their future.