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Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The CIIIL is an established Center of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain Management and a common platform for researchers and industry representatives to discuss specific issues and solutions in this field. The findings of a recent study conducted by a group of logistics researchers states that even though the logistics sector is growing in India at an annual rate of 12% I roads, aviation, railways, containers or the use of various modes of transport), the number of research scholars and technical knowledge/expertise in the sector is quite low. Moreover, the research conducted in this area is purely academic in nature with focus on development of mathematical models and theories that have no practical application or relevance.

With an aim to provide cutting-edge research in this field, CIIIL has launched Ph.D., an interdisciplinary program offered through CII School of Logistics, Amity University. The program provides research scholars with a common core of extensive, integrated knowledge focused upon all the facets of the Logistics and Supply chain Management specialization. It also aims at addressing supply chain real-world problems faced by the Indian manufacturing and logistics sector and delivering solutions that will benefit organizations and societies and help them to sustain and thrive in the VUCA world. The research conducted at the school will be applied and actionable in nature with the dual objective of building theoretical knowledge in this domain and enabling people and organizations to improve processes and deliverables.

The Ph.D. program can be undertaken in the following fields of knowledge and practice:

Logistics Management

Supply Chain Management