Transforming Education

The CII School of Logistics is a unique Industry-Academia tie-up established for the purpose of creating professionals of international standard by changing the way higher education is delivered.

With the evolving demands of the industry, the school is transforming the higher education process by making it industry-integrated and competency-based. The Logistics Sector is one of the most crucial sectors in global business and is not just evolving, but growing as well, every day. This calls for professionals who are able to meet these demands and excel in the industry.

Industry Integrated System

Over the years, the traditional system of higher education, due to its inherent flaws has failed to harness talent and create ideal Logistics & Supply Chain professionals for the logistics industry. The true potential of talent has also not been realised. As a result, the supply of professionals to support the massive growth has not been on par with the demands of the industry.

Creating Better Professionals

The partnership between an apex industry body like CII and Amity, India's top private university results in industry integrated competency based education which is practice-led. Importance is also given to Soft Skills to produce a better class of professional.

Development Oriented

When it comes to the big picture, the CII School of Logistics is contributing to both industrial as well as national development on more than one level.

With its tailored program, the school is improving the competitiveness of the industry and contributing to its growth by producing a better class of professional.

By enhancing the quality of Logistics and Supply Chain courses of study, they are becoming even more attractive career options for students to explore.

It is also exploring the opportunities of networking all the professionals of the field and facilitating their professional development through Executive Education.

A developed globalized Logistics & Supply Chain Management System is vital for the success of the Government of India's for "Make-in-India" plan. By creating world class professionals, the school is contributing on this front as well.

Pan India Presence

Currently located at the Amity University - Noida & Mumbai Campus, the CII School of Logistics will have more campuses established in major cities including Chennai, Vishakhapatnam & Kolkata and will house Indian as well as International students.